Mass town centre brawl

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POLICE were called to deal with a mass brawl in Blackpool town centre.

The fight broke out near Walkabout on Queen Street, shortly after midnight yesterday.

Onlookers said around 10 people were involved in the clash.

One man was left with a severe cut to his eye and his clothing torn. Those involved managed to flee from the scene before police arrived.

One eyewitness said: “It started off with just a couple of people fighting in the road, but then when people outside in the smoking gardens saw what was going on. It all just escalated.

“It was bedlam down there, people don’t realise but Queen Street can be just as busy on a Monday as it is on a weekend.

“It can be absolutely packed.

“I saw one lad who was in a mess, his eye was all split and there was blood down his face, it looked like his clothes were all torn too.

“Half of the people fighting just ran off. By the time police arrived they were nowhere to be seen.”

Blackpool Police confirmed there had been an incident late on Monday night into Tuesday morning.

A spokesman said: “We were called to Queen Street outside Walkabout at 12.17am after getting reports a fight had broken out. The fight involved a mixed group of men and women and happened quite close to Bar 19.

“We believe around two or three people were involved and no arrests were made.”