MARCH LATEST: ‘Blackpool FC will never die because the supporters are the club’

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Thousands of disgruntled Blackpool FC supporters have marched on Bloomfield Road calling for owners the Oyston family to quit the club.

The fans gathered in near the Stanley Arms pub in Blackpool, where the club was formed in 1887, arriving at the ground shortly before kick-off.

Blackpool FC fans arrive at Bloomfield Road

Blackpool FC fans arrive at Bloomfield Road

Christine Seddon, of the Blackpool Supporters Trust, said she was delighted with the turnout.

She said: “There are 3,000 people here, which is more than last time. We want our football club back. Change is coming.

“Blackpool FC will never die because we (the supporters) are the club.”

A plane trailing the sign ‘Oystons club killers get out now’ flew over the marchers and was later spotted over the stadium.

Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden sent a message to the rally calling for all sides to talk about the way forward.

He said: “Now is the time for the people to be given a bigger say in the running of Blackpool Football Club.”

Darren Humphries, of Blackpool, said: “I’ve been a fan for 19 years but I haven’t had a season ticket for the last two years.

“My dad died not long ago and I was going to get him a memorial brick at the club but I won’t put another penny into this club.

“The Oystons don’t seem to treat fans with respect.”

Wilf Brooks, of the Yorkshire Seasiders, addressed the fans before they set off.

He said the club’s founders would be “turning in their graves if they were here to witness the state the club found itself in now.”

The march paused near the Comedy Carpet, where a van played Heroes by David Bowie.​

Blackpool FC fans gathering before the start of a march to Bloomfield Road

Blackpool FC fans gathering before the start of a march to Bloomfield Road

​A number of protests against the club’s owners the Oystons have been planned by fan groups Blackpool Supporters Trust and Tangerine Knights​ as the Seasiders stand on the brink of relegation.

​​It’s a follow-up to last season’s action which ended with Pool’s game against Huddersfield being abandoned after a pitch invasion.

Steve Rowland, chairman of BST, said: “Our appeal is to everyone who cares about Blackpool FC and its importance to the town is simple: get on the streets and make your feelings heard by all lawful means.

“We need a massive show of love for our club and we need to send an unmistakable message to the Oystons that it belongs to the fans.

“Blackpool Supporters’ Trust believes fans are the heart and soul of any football club.”

Blackpool FC’s woes deepend later in the afternoon, as they lost to Wigan.

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