Man used brother’s home to grow drug

Police uncovered a cannabis factory with an estimated street value of �12,000
Police uncovered a cannabis factory with an estimated street value of �12,000
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A MAN has been jailed for setting up a cannabis factory at his brother’s home while he was out of the country.

Preston Crown Court heard how Simon Kenway converted a bedroom while living at his sibling’s address on Dunbreck Court, Singleton.

Simon Kenway

Simon Kenway

His brother was abroad at the time and “furious” when he learned of what had happened in his absence.

Kenway, 24, admitted one offence of producing cannabis and another of possession with intent to supply.

He pleaded guilty on the basis he had supplied, on a co-operative basis, to friends and associates, the court heard.

Julie Taylor, prosecuting, said police went to the address in April last year.

On entering, police noticed a strong smell of cannabis and four small jars containing cannabis bush were found in the kitchen.

The defendant took officers to a bedroom which had been converted for growing.

The windows were blacked out with plastic.

There was just one plant growing there at the time but it was apparent a number of pots had previously been used to grow cannabis. There were discarded stalks from plants that had been stripped of their leaf.

A bag containing a large amount of cannabis leaf was found in the kitchen. A tick list was discovered on the back of a letter.

Kenway admitted having cultivated the drug for a few months but said he had had a crop of about ten plants, producing 20 ounces of the drug.

The leaf was to make bubble hash – a strong cannabis resin.

He had no previous convictions, but a few months before the offences had been cautioned for being concerned in the production of cannabis.

Virginia Hayton, defending, said the large volume of leaf found in the freezer had a value of £120.

She added: “There’s no suggestion he intended to plant any more seeds. It was his first crop.

“He was residing at his brother’s address.

“His brother was away in Saudi Arabia and was furious when he was arrested.”

Sentencing Kenway to ten months in prison, Judge Norman Wright told him: “You are a fairly sophisticated cannabis user.

“You knew about bubble hash, that’s not something which is common among all cannabis users.

“There was an element of calculated defiance, having been cautioned.”