Man took post from landlord as act of revenge

Blackpool Magistrates Court. / VIEW
Blackpool Magistrates Court. / VIEW
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A CRAZED man who blamed his landlord for a break-in took his revenge by stealing from him.

When Shaun McOwen was burgled at his Blackpool flat he accused his landlord of negligence, Blackpool Magistrates were told.

The 21-year-old believed if his landlord, Robert Brown, had secured the locks on the property properly the break-in would never have occurred.

To gain revenge he plotted to steal from Mr Brown.

Prosecuting, Martine Connah, said McOwen removed important post from the communal letter box which was used by both men in the King George Avenue flat.

This included housing benefits cheques addressed to Mr Brown valued at £480 and £380.

McOwen then opened up an account at a pawnbrokers shop in his landlord’s name and cashed the cheques.

Steven Townley, defending, said his client was distraught after losing almost everything in the burglary.

He said: ”My client was burgled and lost almost everything.

“The items stolen included a treasured watch left to him by his grand-father.

“He blamed the landlord for not securing the flat.

“After cashing the cheques he left Blackpool and went to live with his girlfriend in Somerset.”

McOwen was placed on a 14-week curfew order.