Man told ex-wife to commit suicide or face stabbing

Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
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A man sent his estranged wife a text telling her to commit suicide or he would stab her.

Phillip Honeyford also told her to keep away from his pub club and village of Knott End.

You commit suicide or I’ll stab you to death – no other way – I love you that much

In a victim’s impact statement his wife described herself as scared senseless and said: “ I am an emotional wreck and I do not want to see Phillip again.”

Honeyford, 34, of Meadow Avenue, Preesall, pleaded guilty to sending a menacing message via a public communication network.

He was bailed for pre-sentence reports with all options including custody to be considered by Blackpool Magistrates.

Honeyford must not contact his wife or enter St Bernard’s Road, Knott End and must live at his given address as conditions of his bail.

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said Honeyford saw his estranged wife in the Knott End Working Men’s Club on May 12.

They spoke and and she told him their relationship was over for good.

The following day at 1.46am Honeyford texted her the message: “You commit suicide or I’ll stab you to death – no other way – I love you that much.”

Honeyford’s wife said that she put the message on the social media site Facebook so the police would know about it if anything happened to her. When interviewed by police Honeyford said he had been “heartbroken” and sent a stupid message.

Jessica Partington, defending, said her client had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. Honeyford had had no intention of harming his wife in any way.

Ms Partington added that when Honeyford’s wife got the text, instead of contacting the police immediately she put it on Facebook.