Man lucky to survive

RNLI rescue of man in water
RNLI rescue of man in water
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A man rescued from the sea underneath North Pier was lucky to walk away unharmed, lifesavers said.

The 35-year-old was found chest deep in the icy water near Blackpool’s North Pier when he was saved from the perils of the waves by Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) volunteers.

Crew member David Warburton described the moment they found the man on Saturday.

He told The Gazette: “We responded to this one really quickly.

“As we were launching the boat the report was that the coastguard team had thrown this man a lifeline.

“He was up to his chest in water just holding on to a line because he was underneath the Pier area.”

Mr Warburton added: “A few more paces into the water and he could have gone into a gully or something like that. He was really lucky.

“He let go of the lifeline and fell forward into the water. We came up alongside and slid over to get hold of him.

“He was just affected by the cold really.

“I guess the key thing was everybody reached him very quickly for that time of the morning.”

The man was taken to hospital but is now recovering after the incident, which took place at around 6.10am on Saturday, as reported in Monday’s Gazette.

Fellow crew member Nick White said: “The man we assisted was suffering badly from the effects of the cold and was rapidly becoming exhausted.

“We worked with our colleagues at Lytham Coastguard to ensure that he was helped to safety as quickly as possible, if there hadn’t been such a rapid response from HM Coastguard and RNLI volunteers the outcome could have been very different.”