Man jailed after stabbing brother

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A MAN stabbed his brother with a kitchen knife after hearing voices telling him to carry out the attack.

Daniel Devlin, who suffers from mental health issues, lunged at his older sibling Max Deluca with the weapon at a property on Highbury Road East in St Annes.

The 25-year-old told police he heard voices before stabbing his brother in the collarbone.

He pleaded for help after being arrested for the attack.

He said: “They told me to do it. Help me.”

Preston Crown Court was told Devlin had developed paranoid schizophrenia after abusing illicit substances for more than a decade.

He was jailed for 12 months after pleading guilty to unlawful wounding.

The court heard the two men had grown up together and were close.

Tom Lord, prosecuting, said shortly before the offence, a flat had been secured for Devlin in St Annes and his brother had paid the bond for him.

On January 8, the brothers were at Mr Deluca’s home and had spent the day together doing DIY.

They later played on a games consul and were said to have had a good laugh together.

They stayed up through the night and started watching a film together before making some food.

Devlin, who is from the East Lancashire area, used a kitchen knife to make some sandwiches before launching the attack on his brother.

The court heard he appeared “totally vacant” after the attack.

Mr Lord said: “The defendant had a far away look in his eyes and was deep in thought.

“His brother asked if he was OK. The brother knew he wasn’t OK.

“He went on to lunge at his brother with the knife. The blow was parried, to some extent.

“The injury was to the collarbone area, on the left side.

“Mr Deluca didn’t go to hospital. It was a superficial wound.

“The brothers agreed it was appropriate to call the police.

“Mr Deluca wanted his brother to get help.”

Mr Deluca was left with a one centimetre scar.

The court heard Devlin, who had been on remand since his arrest, had missed his medication for the previous couple of days.

Julie Taylor, defending, said: “In effect, because of alcohol and drug use, he is at risk of becoming psychotic if he uses illicit substances and doesn’t take prescribed medication.

“He was suffering a mental disorder at the time of the offence.

“Since he has been in custody he has availed himself of all the assistance.

“He has continued with his medication and is prepared to co-operate with the Probation Services.”