Man due in court takes a fatal overdose of pills

A MAN who feared going to jail killed himself with an overdose of anti-depressants, an inquest was told.

Peter Young, 38, was found dead on Fleetwood Golf Course on the morning of July 30 – the day he was due to face criminal charges at Burnley Crown Court.

Earlier he had sent a text message to a former partner, saying: "This is the last time you will hear from me. Take care of my son and tell him I love him. Live to the full, goodbye."

An inquest held at Lancaster Coroner's Court heard Mr Young, previously known as Charlton, lived at his mother's home in Shakespeare Road, Fleetwood.


His former partner was Louise Chadwick whose statement was read to the inquest.

His wife, Lisa Young, said they had been married in August 2003 but separated earlier this year.

She had met him the day before he was charged by police and he was depressed.

Ms Young said: "He felt if there was any chance of him going to prison he would contemplate suicide."

She took the statement seriously because he had taken overdoses before

Mr Young's mother Carol Ramshaw said that the evening before he died he walked to her work which began at 9.30pm, something he had never done before.

When she got home the following morning she found a note from him asking her to leave the back door open. But after his death she found two letters in his room which indicated he had contemplated


Mr Young had been taken the anti-depressant dothiepin and he had enough in his body to cause his death, according to a statement from pathologist Dr Alison Armour.

Det Insp Simon Hills said in Mr Young's room were many discarded dothiepin packs.

He added: "Two letters found clearly indicated he wished to take his own life. They weren't dated and were likely to have been written some time ago."

Assistant deputy coroner for Preston and West Lancashire, Carolyn Singleton, did not want to detail why Mr Young was due in court, but recorded a verdict that he killed himself.

Although the coroner declined to detail accusations against Mr Young, Burnley Crown Court confirmed that he had pleaded not guilty to indecent assault and indecent exposure. He would have stood trial in February.