Man attacked wife during celebration

David Slingsby
David Slingsby
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A MAN launched a sustained attack on his wife during a celebratory drink to mark the arrival of their first grandchild.

David Slingsby repeatedly punched his wife’s face and stamped on her chest and rib area.

He told her “I’m going to kill you tonight. I’m going to finish you off”.

At one stage the woman blacked out when he grabbed her tightly around the throat.

She had previously obtained a restraining order barring him from her address on Chester Road, Blackpool, or contacting her.

Several days before the attack, the victim had sent a message, via a third person, to tell Slingsby their first grandchild had been born.

As a result, her husband went to her address. They discussed the new baby and got along well for a couple of days.

Slingsby, 47, of no fixed address, was given a total of 27 months prison by a judge at Preston Crown Court.

He had pleaded guilty to offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and breaching a restraining order.

Roger Baldwin, prosecuting, told the court the defendant and his wife decided to ‘wet the baby’s head’.

He drank around 15 pints of lager and his wife, ten pints.

They spent two to three days together. Things changed on April 10th.

Slingsby developed an angry face and then, using both clenched fists, started to punch his wife’s face over and over again.

She was pulled by her hair to the floor and then repeatedly stamped upon to the chest and rib area.

He said “I’m going to kill you tonight. I’m going to finish you off.”

His wife feared she would die at the time, the court heard.

Again, Slingsby dragged her to the floor, this time digging the heel of his trainers into her back. He also bit her nose hard.

Mr Baldwin added “He grabbed her hair and threw her to the floor again.

“He grabbed her tightly around the throat until she blacked out.

“She couldn’t prise his hands away.”

Mr Baldwin said the victim wanted the restraining order on her husband to be lifted at the first available opportunity though.

Rachel Woods, defending, said: “He has had little recollection of the precise details of what occurred. He was taken aback when shown photographic evidence in interview.

“This has been a volatile and unhealthy relationship.

“He has made real and genuine efforts to tackle the addiction which has blighted many years of his life. He is hell bent on remaining alcohol free.”