Man, 41, denies keeping prisoner

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A WOMAN was raped, assaulted and kept prisoner in her own home by her attacker, a court was told.

Fleetwood man Carl Weston was described to a jury as “a violent and domineering individual”.

It is claimed the violence escalated so much the woman had “noticeable injuries” and so “he kept her hidden”.

The alleged violence included a pattern of squeezing her throat and, while raping her, pulling a leather belt tight around her neck, the prosecution claimed.

Weston, 41, of Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, has pleaded not guilty to two charges of assault causing actual bodily harm, rape, threats to kill and false imprisonment.

Francis McEntee, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court on one occasion Weston suddenly grabbed hold of the woman’s neck using both hands and started to squeeze.

Mr McEntee said Weston later apologised and suggested his drink had been spiked.

But about a month later the rape allegedly happened after he put a belt around her neck.

It is claimed because of her visible injuries Weston would not let her out of her home for six to eight weeks.

Weston is also claimed to have threatened to kill members of the woman’s family and she herself feared she was going to die.

When interviewed Weston denied all the allegations, describing them as “fantasy”.