Make sure your little one has the jabs...

Vaccinations can help save lives
Vaccinations can help save lives
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Give your child the best start in life by making sure they have the right vaccinations.

That’s the message from health bosses after new figures revealed around 96 per cent of babies in Blackpool are vaccinated by their first birthday against illnesses such as polio, diphtheria, tetanus and meningitis C.

Blackpool is in line with the national average for the North West with the number of vaccinations being carried out, but health chiefs are still urging parents to make sure they have their child immunised to protect them against diseases, which could otherwise cause serious health problems, or even in some cases prove fatal.

Donna Taylor, acting consultant nurse at NHS Blackpool, said: “Immunisation is vitally important to protect children and young people from infectious deadly diseases.

“The Department of Health immunisation programme is designed to ensure from the earliest opportunity – two months of age – children and babies are protected from the disease they may encounter, for example tetanus, measles and meningitis.

“In Blackpool, our uptake rate – the number of children being immunised – for immunisation has been stable with over 90 per cent of children being protected within the first 12 months of life.

“However, at five years of age, that rate falls.

“It is important parents/carers ensure their children receive their immunisations on time and before they begin or leave school.

“Parents are urged to remember part of the ‘getting ready’ for starting school or adult life includes getting immunised.

“There have been a number of large outbreaks of measles and whooping cough nationally, regionally and locally.

“It is therefore vitally important children and babies receive their immunisations on time to ensure their best possible protection.

“If you are unsure of your child’s immunisation status contact your GP or look in your child’s ‘red book’.”

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