Lytham woman’s ‘Wheelie big chair challenge’

Emma Whitty-Haddock
Emma Whitty-Haddock
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A Lytham woman is completing a set of challenges to raise £3,500 for a much-needed new wheelchair.

Emma Whitty-Haddock was born with spina bifida, which causes a gap in the spine.

Her challenges include holding a tarantula, doing a stand up comedy routine and a ‘wheel’ from Lytham’s windmill to Blackpool Tower.

Emma, who works as a volunteer said: “Pushing a wheelchair is no easy thing so I found that my muscles got bigger and my waistline got smaller. Due to this my wheelchair has become too big for me.”

“Unfortunately the NHS can only fund up to £800 and lightweight, active rigid wheelchairs are thousands.

“I will be contributing to the total as much as I can financially.”

To donate to the fundraiser go to