Lucky mucky pups get special treats

Photo Neil Cross'Rachel Duncan with Kendal and her Mucky Pup Cakes
Photo Neil Cross'Rachel Duncan with Kendal and her Mucky Pup Cakes
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Rachel Duncan’s new business is anything but a dog’s dinner.

The 28-year-old, from Layton, had an idea which is far from barking mad – creating healthy, home-made dog treats.

It all started after she decided to become more conscious about what her own pets, three puggles (a cross between a pug and beagle), were eating.

And now the treats have proved so popular with her four-legged friends, and with family and friend’s pooches too, the business – Mucky Pup Cakes – has taken off.

Rachel makes the bakes in her kitchen at home and all the ingredients she uses are suitable for dogs – and humans – all natural, organic items.

Among the flavours she has cooked up are banana and honey, apple and banana and carrot and peanut butter.

And the tasty treats certainly seem to have dogs’ tails – and their owners’ tongues – wagging.

Rachel said: “I’ve always been conscious about what my dogs eat and tried to make sure they stay healthy.

“One of them in particular started struggling with their weight.

“When I looked at the dog treats available in pet shops and supermarkets, I noticed the ingredients weren’t always that healthy.

“I love baking, so I had a go at making my own treats for the dogs. Then I could use natural, healthy ingredients and know exactly what was going into them.

“I’ve always loved animals and did work experience at Blackpool Zoo, where I learned lots about animal nutrition.

“There’s no additives, 
everything is natural and organic – including the mint and parsley, which I grow myself.

“And the dogs seem to love them. My dogs follow me round the kitchen, they go crazy for them.

“Of course just like any treat, I have to limit them!”

Word started to spread about Rachel’s baked goods and family and friends soon started putting in requests.

And she has since had stalls at two fairs which proved very successful. Her products have even been recommended by a local vet.

She said: “For Halloween, I did a Halloween theme with the packaging and labels, each label is personalised with the dog’s name.

“I’ve produced different sizes of packs, one for those who have one dog and bigger for people with more dogs.

“I spoil my dogs for their birthdays, Christmas, any occasion or excuse really and I know lots of other people like to. And these make a great treat to do that.

“My dogs are the official tasters for the treats – guinea pigs, if you will. I do have a couple of other taster dogs, too, in case mine are biased.

“Doing this as a business is great, as it allows me to combine my two passions – dogs and baking.”

For more information, search on Facebook for Mucky Pup Cakes.