Lucky escape in car wreck

Crash on Draycott Avenue / Argosy Avenue
Crash on Draycott Avenue / Argosy Avenue
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A HOUSING estate resident has described a scene of “carnage” after a car smashed into a fence – narrowly missing a family.

Police were called to Draycott Avenue on Grange Park shortly after 3pm yesterday after reports a vehicle had crashed with four people in it.


When officers arrived, the passengers quickly made off, leaping over nearby fences into gardens. Police are now investigating the possibility the car had been stolen.

A local resident said: “I was told three or four youths, aged about 15, stole a car on the estate and took it in turns racing the vehicle around the area.

“The vehicle lost control and plunged into a front garden of a house on Draycott Avenue smashing through the fence narrowly missing the family’s children.

“I believe the youths are known to the police, it was a scene of pure carnage.

“Innocent young children could have been killed in this accident and it’s a miracle that no-one was.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman confirmed they were investigating.

She said: “Police had been called earlier on the day after residents complained a male was driving a red Hyundai at high speeds towards Chepstow Road.

“Later they were called again after reports the car had crashed into a fence.

“When police arrived the passengers were out of the vehicle and ran away thorough neighbouring gardens.

“We are now looking into the possibility the car was stolen.”

Anybody with any information is asked to contact Blackpool Police on (01253) 293933.