Loving wife relives ‘death’ during call

Pat Dickenson with husband Terry.
Pat Dickenson with husband Terry.
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A PENSIONER who gave her husband life saving treatment has relived the moment her husband ‘died’ for five minutes before she resuscitated him.

Pat Dickenson, 65, had to give CPR to her husband Terry when she woke up to find him unconscious.

The emergency call she made to the North West Ambulance Service was recorded on the Channel 4 documentary 999 What’s Your Emergency? and broadcast to millions.

The show follows Blackpool’s emergency service’s and revealed Mrs Dickenson’s phone call with control operator Tracey Gardiner, 23.

Mrs Dickenson said: “When I found Terry was unconscious, I ran to the bathroom and got a wet flannel which I wiped his face with as it was all clammy.

“However, Terry remained unconscious, so I dialled 999.”

Mr Dickenson, from Chorley, had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Mrs Dickenson added: “After asking me questions about Terry’s breathing and whether there were any responses from him at all, Tracey told me to get him on to the floor, which I did with great difficulty as with Terry being unconscious, his weight was completely with me.

“I then put the telephone on loud speaker and Tracey talked me through CPR and instructed me on the heart rhythm by counting with me.

“She was absolutely brilliant and also kept me updated on how far away the ambulance was and I can remember her saying it was two minutes away.

“Terry snorted a couple of times during the CPR so the compressions were obviously having some effect.”

The incident happened on March 31 this year.

He was put into an induced coma for four days while his body was cooled down and then gradually reverted back to normal temperature.

Pat says: “The doctors later told us that Terry had technically ‘died’ for around five minutes and they said that if I had not done what I did, he would not be here today.”

Terry, a former deputy headteacher, now has an implanted defibrillator to shock his heart if it ever happens again.

He added: “I am so grateful to Pat for everything she did for me and I am indebted to her. I am just glad I am still around to annoy her!”

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