Louisa sitting in style thanks to charity fund

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A two-year-old toddler will soon be able to sit in safety thanks to a charity for disabled children.

Louisa Spindler-Duckworth, from St Annes, has Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy.

She has a specialist P-Pod seat to use at her mum’s home, where she lives five days a week, but the family could not afford an identical supportive seat for when she visited her dad, Lee Duckworth.

Now she is sitting in style with a brand new P-Pod provided by Newlife working in partnership with Marks and Spencer.

Mum Marilia Spindler said: “When she goes to Lee’s house she sits in a baby bouncer, but this doesn’t give her any postural support.

“ This is a concern especially when it comes to feeding times as the bouncer simply isn’t safe for Louisa.

“The P-Pod is a really flexible piece of equipment – she can be safely fed sitting in it, as well as relax, being supported at all times, which is really important to her future health.”

Sheila Brown OBE, chief executive of Newlife charity, added: “It is very encouraging to see the efforts of M&S in helping to improve the lives of disabled and terminally ill children within the local community and across the UK.

“Equipment that costs hundreds to several thousands of pounds really can transform lives.”