Louis is chatty and a clown – and a winner

Jeanette Gregson from Cleveleys with Crufts winner Louis
Jeanette Gregson from Cleveleys with Crufts winner Louis
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A Fylde coast dog show veteran is celebrating the triumphant return of her beloved Doberman after a first place Crufts win.

Jeanette Gregson, 58, took to the ring with pampered pooch Louis at the world’s largest dog show on Saturday.

Despite facing stiff competition in the form of several other championship-winning Dobermans, Louis returned home victorious after winning the first place rosette.

Proud owner Jeanette, who lives in Thornton, said: “He won best post-graduate dog. He did very well.

“The judges go over them and make sure everything is well-balanced and in good condition and then of course they have to have very good movement when they go aroung the ring. If they make any mistakes they are put right to the back, so everything has to be perfect.

“They have to keep very still when the judges check them and count all their teeth.

“I got a lot of comments about Louis because he’s maturing now. It was just so lovely and he got such an applause when he won.

“I was over the moon. People were coming up and wanting to take his photograph and there were little ones wanting to fuss him. He was enjoying the attention.

“Everyone wants to get a win at Crufts.”

The prestigious first-place win comes as a significant step-up for Louis, who won fouth place in the junior dog class at last year’s competition.

Now he is looking forward to long walks on the beach and snoozing in front of the fire at home.

“He’s our pet at the end of the day and showing is just a bit of fun. He’s a good dog even though he can be a bit of a clown.

“Backstage at the shows they call him ‘chatty man’ because sometimes he’s a bit noisy and they say ‘we knew you had arrived because we could hear him!’

“He’s really a big softie.”

She added that the top rosette did not mark the end of Louis’ dog show career.

She said: “He’s qualified for next year’s competition already. You can’t just go every year, you have to qualify.

“This year we’re doing lots of championship shows . We’re really going for it this year.

“He’s going down to Windsor for another championship show and we are going to take him over to Ireland as well, we’re going all over this year.

“Louis keeps in good condition because he loves swimming and that keeps all his muscles working. He’s very strong.”

At two-years-old, Louis is now set to move on from post-graduate class to open class at Crufts.

Jeanette said: “He’ll move on to senior class after that.”