Losing is winning for Mandy

Mandy McNaught has lost 5 stone on the Cambridge Weight Plan
Mandy McNaught has lost 5 stone on the Cambridge Weight Plan
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Dropping 10 dress sizes in less than a year has made a Fleetwood teaching assistant feel like a new woman.

Mandy McNaught was struggling to find clothes to fit her in a size 22, was lacking in energy and confidence and hated shopping.

The mum-of-two signed up to the Cambridge Weight Plan in April last year, wanting to lose a couple of stone before her holiday two months later.

It was the first time she was taking her twin daughters, aged seven, abroad and had felt she didn’t want to ruin the vacation by being self-conscious and hiding away.

After hitting her initial goal of losing 35lbs in eight weeks, she decided to keep going with the programme.

Mandy lost 5.5st in five months.

The 35-year-old, who is married to Craig, said: “I’ve always been up and down with weight and since having the girls I put a lot of weight on.

“It was one of those where you see pictures and realise you need to do something about it.

“I had heard about Cambridge and thought initially I’d do it for a few months.

“But as the weight came off I decided to keep going.

“I found it easy to follow, we actually saved money because we stopped buying rubbish food.

“It made us eat healthier as a family and my husband even lost weight.

“It’s made such a difference to my confidence and I have so much more energy now.

“I can do things with the girls, run after them when they are on their scooters and bikes, I can help my husband with carrying things, I can get up and down the stairs with ease.

“I’ve got confidence now when I go shopping.

“Before I could only go to the shops with the big sizes, I couldn’t go and try on a dress somewhere like Topshop because they would never fit.

“I was a size 22, now I’m a size 10/12, I can find easily clothes to fit.

“I would recommend the Cambridge Weight Plan to anybody.”

Mandy’s Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, Sarah Smith, said she was impressed and delighted with her success.

Sarah, a former Olympic competitor in taekwondo, said: “It’s a fantastic achievement. Mandy is so much happier now, it’s like having a complete different lady walk in the door.”

Sarah recently won an award for her work as a Cambridge Weight Plan consultant.

She said: “Every year, there are awards given out at our annual convention for certain criteria for consultants, such as business flying start and above and beyond awards.

“The main category is the top 50 champion, which is attained by gaining points throughout the year for sales/growth and team building.

“I had just completed my second year in November and actually ranked top 30 in the country.

“I’ll be going on our all-inclusive winners trip to Dubrovnik in May, with the other winners, to celebrate our success.”