Little retains title and gives up belt

Little - still undefeated
Little - still undefeated
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Kirkham boxer Adam Little retained his English welterweight championship against brave, but out-classed Steven Pearce at the Hilton Hotel in Blackpool - and then promptly announced that he was giving up the title.

Little, so impressive in victory, will now concentrate his considerable fistic energies and analytical approach to the fight game on campaigning in future at light-welter, where he is firmly of the belief that he can make even more of a mark.

He said: "I have proved I can compete at welterweight, but I feel I can maximise the power that I have at the lower weight.

"I had no trouble in making the weight when I boxed in Monaco in my previous fight.

"I stopped Pearce, who is a bigger man, so the strength that I have will be more to my advantage boxing down a weight."

Assessing his win over Pearce, Little said from early in the fight, he knew that he had his opponent's measure.

He said: "Pearce was throwing every shot as though it was his last, and you can't carry on like that.

"I felt that as early as the second round that his legs had gone, but I didn't want to jump on him at that stage.

"I wanted to bide my time and control the fight my way and gradually wear him down, which I did do.

"I put into practice, everything I had done in training and transferred it into the fight, and it worked out really well.

"I followed everything that my trainer Alan Levene told me to do.

"It is still very much a learning curve for me.

"By the time the referee stopped the fight, I could see in Pearce's eyes that he did not want it any more and I took advantage.

"But I have to say I don't remember that much about the fight, because it seems all a blur to me!"

Little is due in action next, probably in Liverpool in March, but first it will be a well-deserved holiday in Poland with his girl-friend before enjoying Christmas and the New Year.

Also on the card at the Hilton Hotel, there was a debut win for Kirkham heavyweight Bill Hodgson.

It took him only one minute, 33 seconds for Fleetwood referee Steve Gray to halt the contest against Ostaps Basins. The Latvian was down twice before the bout came to a premature end.

Gray was also the third man in the ring as Kirkby's Robbie Davies Junior was vastly impressive in beating a former Adam Little victim Ryan Hardy - the bout was stopped in round two, Hardy having been down twice.