Listen to three year old’s amazing 999 call

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A PROUD mum today described her three-year-old son as a hero after he called in emergency crews when she collapsed.

Sarah Ashworth, 32, had been undergoing tests on her brain and heart and later lost consciousness at her home in Rodney Avenue, St Annes.

Harvey Ashworth

Harvey Ashworth

Where most youngsters would be terrified at seeing their mother in such a prone state, courageous Harvey sprang into action. He picked up the phone and dialled 999 - and stayed on the line for 13 minutes while rescuers rushed to the scene.

And the Heyhouses pre-school pupil was handed a bravery award following the incident by impressed paramedics who hailed him a lifesaver.

Sarah told The Gazette: “He is my hero and I’m so proud of him. If he hadn’t called 999 I could have been lying there for ages, my husband didn’t finish work until six.”

Harvey was taught how to call for help by Mrs Ashworth and husband Jonny, 33, a police officer, as medics had warned her it was possible she might collapse because of her condition.

Sarah Ashworth and son Harvey (3), of Rodney Avenue, St Annes. ((Harvey rang emergency services).

Sarah Ashworth and son Harvey (3), of Rodney Avenue, St Annes. ((Harvey rang emergency services).

So when he found his mum unconscious on December 30, the toddler knew just what to do.

He got on the line to the 999 operator and waited for paramedics to arrive – all while looking after his 21-month-old sister, Isla.

As a reward for his quick thinking, Harvey was presented with a bravery certificate by paramedic Brent Kenny, who treated Mrs Ashworth at her home.

He said: “We were all so impressed with Harvey. At three, to call 999 and to be so calm and look after his one-year-old sister while he waited for us was just amazing.

“He is very brave and very intelligent – really advanced for his years, a real hero.

“It would be fair to say he saved his mum’s life.”