Lights an accident waiting to happen

Andrew Riches has had traffic lights installed by the council at the end of his drive
Andrew Riches has had traffic lights installed by the council at the end of his drive
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A MAN claims a death trap has been left on his doorstep as a result of work on the new supertram service.

A set of traffic lights to service just one driveway has been installed in Fleetwood, but it has left Andrew Riches reversing across a busy path used by children at rush hour.

Lancashire County Council insists it offered Mr Riches, of The Crescent, an alternative traffic arrangement, but he says it was not a fair deal for him.

The fish merchant told The Gazette: “I have about five seconds to get out of my drive when the lights change.

“Pedestrians should be told I have the right of way. I have kids walking in front of my house: someone is going to get hurt.

“It’s frightened my wife to death.

“I have had a couple of close calls with pedestrians out walking their dogs. They don’t realise I have the right of way and I have not seen them.

“I’ve been left with a death trap on my doorstep.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

He added: “I can’t reverse into my drive because there is a yellow box grid junction. I have tried it and got some funny looks.”

Initially the county council wanted to provide a new side access to his detached house so Mr Richards could use the same set of lights as his neighbours, Fleetwood Cricket Club.

But, he says, they would not agree to landscaping an area where he would have been left with a redundant driveway and a gap in his hedge.

Mr Riches said: “I wanted it landscaping but they would not agree to it and the next thing I knew these lights were going in. I’ve tried contacting them to sort it out but I’m getting nowhere.”

Mr Riches today said he became even more concerned after two recent accidents close to his home where children have been injured on the roads.

Chris Anslow, county public transport development manager, said: “We understand people need to be able to safely access their properties and made a reasonable offer to carry out various works to relocate the driveway which Mr Riches at the time chose not to take up.

“For this reason we found an alternative solution which was to put traffic signals at this location and sequence them specifically to allow vehicles time to safely access the driveway.”