Licence warning for ‘swingers’ hotel

Picture by Julian Brown 18/09/15''GV view of Crystal Hotel, Crystal Rd Blackpool
Picture by Julian Brown 18/09/15''GV view of Crystal Hotel, Crystal Rd Blackpool
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A swingers hotel could be stripped of its alcohol licence after council officers called for a review on public nuisance grounds.

The Crystal Hotel – also known as the Paradise Hotel in Crystal Road, Blackpool – will come under scrutiny by Blackpool Council’s licensing panel next week.

It currently has a licence to sell alcohol 24 hours a day to guests – but council officers have raised concerns about a number of public nuisance incidents and who the licence holder is.

In a council report Mark Marshall, of Blackpool Council’s licensing service, said several concerns had been raised about the venue.

He added: “The hotel has been subject to many complaints since circa 2006/07.

“The complaints have mainly been in relation to the nature of the hotel being run as a ‘swingers hotel’, albeit, issues such as fire safety, food safety and licensing breaches have been alleged.”

Officers were notified of two noise complaints in February and June and visited the site on six occasions this year to check noise levels.

Council workers had been notified Steven Pegler had applied to take over from Keith Locke as the designated premises licence holder in March.

But in July officers discovered Mr Locke was abroad while Mr Pegler had yet to complete his application to become licence holder.

Mr Marshall added: “Mr Pegler, on believing that the current premises licence could be reviewed by the licensing authority in relation to the situation ‘of an absent designated premises supervisor’ (DPS), stated during conversation with the officer, that if the licence was suspended or revoked, he was quite prepared to allow visitors to the hotel to drink in the hotel rooms with no requirement to maintain a bar.

“On investigation it was found that the current DPS has been absent from the premises since February 2015 and in view of the complaints made regarding the management of the premises, an absent DPS with a protracted period of time spent abroad is something that the authority cannot tolerate.

“Intervention has previously been instigated, requiring the person responsible for the daily management of the premises, a Mr S Pegler, to attend the personal licence course and thereafter make a successful application as the DPS.

“This causes huge concern whereby the licensing authority is asked to make consideration as to removing the current DPS who is absent.

“As such alcohol sales will cease until a satisfactory point of contact is appointed.”

A further report revealed Mr Pegler had officially lodged an application to become the licence holder on September 1.

Mr Pegler and Mr Locke were unavailable for comment, but in an email to Mr Marshall Mr Pegler suggest criticism from neighbours was unfair.

He added: “We respect that you have a job to do, and we are working as fast as we can to come into line with what you require and expect from us.”

The review is on Thursday from 1.30pm at Town Hall.