Liam’s date with TV’s Body Fixers

Liam before his makeover
Liam before his makeover
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A Blackpool entertainer will hit television screens next week as he undergoes a 
drastic transformation.

Liam Halewood, 33, will appear on E4’s ‘Body 
Fixers’ on October 5, when the show’s team of stylists will attempt to spruce up his look following a 56lb weight loss. Liam, who lives off 
Devonshire Road, was 
initially signed up for the makeover show to treat an abnormality in his foot, however, show runners decided to take the episode in a more light-hearted direction after discovering his resemblance to a certain TV personality.

Liam after taking part in Body Fixers

Liam after taking part in Body Fixers

Liam said: “For about eight years I’ve been getting called Alan Carr. I wish it wasn’t true!

“They gave me a makeover to get me looking less like him and more like myself.

“They completely cut my hair back and dyed it a silver colour. It’s not a serious 
makeover show - it’s a really fun experience.

“The stylists were lovely. In the episode just gone, a girl had a cosmetic implant in her chin.”

Body Fixers, which airs on Channel 4, features ordinary people with extreme, surprising, or, in Liam’s case, amusing hair and beauty woes.

The show has featured an acid attack victim, an alopecia-sufferer, twins desperate to look different and a man dedicated to styling himself after his favourite pop idol Justin Bieber.

Liam said: “They came to Blackpool and filmed the town in a really good light. We had a chat and told jokes and it was a lot of fun.

“My husband and best friend got involved and they were all part of the show. I feel about five years younger.”