Letters - February 2, 2019

Is your area plagued by dog owners who can't be bothered to clean up after their pets?
Is your area plagued by dog owners who can't be bothered to clean up after their pets?
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I hope ‘foul’ dog owner is caught

I and many people around my area of Anchorsholme: North Drive, Meadowcroft and all surrounding streets are totally fed up with the persistent dog fouling.

Whoever is allowing their dog to foul is flouting the law big time and if and when caught, they should be fined the maximum amount.

Almost all dog owners are responsible people who pick up after their pets.

But such irresponsible owners give everyone else a bad name.

I hope people will keep an eye open to see who the culprit is - the sooner the better.

I don’t mind cleaning up after my dog but I hate doing it after another owner who just can’t be bothered.

Name and address supplied


Medical staff deserve praise

Eileen, my wife of 60 years, had an appointment at Highfield Surgery, in Lytham Road, but on the day she could not get out of bed.

I had to phone the centre and the receptionist took all the details and then told me one of the doctors would phone me.

A little bit later I got the call and was told there would be a doctor with us soon.

The doctor arrived quickly and soon saw to my wife and sorted everything out.

Eileen and I can’t praise too highly the doctors, staff and nurses at Highfield Surgery, and of course the rapid response team.

John McAvoy

South Shore


I regret voting to remain in EU

As someone who was undecided and voted remain, now I regret it and this was probably the biggest mistake of my life. This is not about being anti-European, because I will always class myself as being a European on the world stage.

I am a Lancastrian first, English second, British third and European fourth.

This whole sorry saga is about a few multi-billionaires trying to control the world. It is not about the people of Europe dictating to Great Britain. Their standards of living are also being dragged down.

Five years ago, I was in Germany for the European Elections and the ordinary German people were telling me Europe has to change. They did not want to break Europe up, their concern was that all the power is not with elected politicians, who can be changed at elections if voters don’t like them.

The big problem is that the ordinary people in Europe can’t vote for the people who make the rules. They don’t want unelected people interfering in people’s lives, cultures and traditions.

I think the majority of people in our country feel the same. In my mind, it is because of that total control by unelected commissioners that people voted leave and the same reason we have seen a big swing to the nationalist parties across Europe.

We have encouraged all our young people to go to universities to be the best in the world and now, when we have a chance to try to compete properly on a world stage, the authorities don’t want that to happen.

They are trying to brainwash everybody into a collective known as the European Union. We need politicians who have the guts to back Britain and be prepared to vote for no deal.

Only when that happens will the commissioners in Europe change their minds and ideas. They have never let anyone leave yet. Do you think Europe will want to miss out on all the tourists going for holidays? I am sure not.

If you value your own freedom, urge your MP to be prepared to back no deal if the deal put forward is not good enough. Britain has been a trading nation for probably the last 1,000 years, why should we be controlled by unelected people? Yes, there will be some upheaval but you will be amazed how fast Europe will sort things out, especially when you look at what they have to lose. All the arguments about things running short, to me, is a smoke-screen. All the pharmaceutical companies are either multi-national or subsidiaries of worldwide companies trading throughout the world. It’s all because they don’t want you to have freedom to choose, they want to control your life.

Jim Rogerson MD

Farmplus Constructions Ltd


Email led to more teacher depression

Email is a relatively simple technology which permits the flow of data between two or more parties – such as tutor and parent, and tutor and student.

A decade of such messages, with email generally popular across age groups, has been associated with an increase in teacher workload and staff leaving the profession.

So why does Damian Hinds, the Education Secretary, believe the more complex technology of Artificial Intelligence will bring improvement?

Neil Richardson

Via email