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A safe standing area at a football stadium in Hannover, Germany. BELOW: Blackpool FC secretary Matt Williams.
A safe standing area at a football stadium in Hannover, Germany. BELOW: Blackpool FC secretary Matt Williams.
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POOL fans have called for a standing area to help improve the atmosphere at Bloomfield Road.

A motion is currently being discussed by MPs to allow football clubs to trial so-called “safe standing areas” for supporters who prefer to be on their feet during the game.

Blackpool FC secretary Matt Williams.

Blackpool FC secretary Matt Williams.

However, Blackpool FC say they are currently unwilling to investigate the possibility of trialling such an area within the ground.

Season ticket holder Ian Clough, 47, currently prefers to stand at home games but is fed with of arguments which break out with sitting supporters whose views are blocked.

Mr Clough, of Westby Avenue, South Shore, said: “If you got all the like-minded people together you wouldn’t be arguing about who’s sitting and who’s standing.They should look into it certainly, they shouldn’t just dismiss it.”

Fellow season ticket holder Martin Bury, 23, from North Shore, added: “I got my season ticket because it was available on the back row so it doesn’t really affect me at the moment, but if the club don’t try it they won’t know whether it would work. Those people that would rather stand up for the whole game would be with people who want to stand as well.

“I don’t really enjoy games as much when I sit down because you can’t really shout as loud.”

Several top clubs including Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Derby County, Hull City and Peterborough United have backed the motion.

However Blackpool FC secretary, Matt Williams, said: “It’s not practical for us with the way the stadium design is. We’re more than happy with what we’ve got.”

The proposed areas would be based on a rail seating system, popular in German football grounds, which provides barriers in front of each row to prevent crushes.

The Football Supporters’ Federation is currently campaigning to get the areas introduced in England.

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