‘Let’s put brakes on roundabout farce’

Former councillor Stuart McGregor
Former councillor Stuart McGregor
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AN ex-town hall chief says he is “furious” there has been no public consultation regarding plans to dig up one of Fylde’s biggest roundabouts.

Norcross roundabout on the A585 Amounderness Way will be replaced by a new traffic light system when Highways Agency plans go ahead.

Bosses say the work, due to start this month, will reduce the heavy queues approaching the junction and reduce the number of accidents at the site.

But former Wyre councillor Stuart MacGregor, of Chaucer Avenue, Thornton, said they were trying to fix something that was not broken.

He told The Gazette: “The only time there were huge queues was when they were doing work down at the bridge and in my opinion a traffic light system will increase them.

“I’m so angry these works are about to start before any public consultation – even some local councillors didn’t know.

“If the Government wants to spend money on our roads let’s get the pot holes sorted out first – my suspension is squealing because of the state of our roads.”

Mr McGregor, the son of former Wyre Mayor Basil MacGregor, said if the public want to set up a petition against the work he will sign at the top.

He added: “I’m really passionate about this, I don’t see why we should stand back and let our lives be disrupted again and again.

“If we put our names to this objection there would be hundreds of people willing to sign and I’d gladly put my signature at the top.”

Work is due to start at the end of February and finish in June – a traffic order to restrict traffic movement while work is carried out has a maximum duration of 18 months.

Wyre councillor Barry Birch, cabinet member for transport, said: “Although this is a county council and Highways Agency project, Wyre Council is very concerned about traffic congestion during the works and hope it will be carried out expediently.”

The order will impose a 30mph speed restriction on a mile stretch of the A585 Trunk Road and prohibit traffic approaching from Fleetwood Road North, Fleetwood Road South and Norcross Lane.