Let’s get physical!

Miss Blackpool, Kendall Rae Knight at Reform Health Club.
Miss Blackpool, Kendall Rae Knight at Reform Health Club.
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Miss Blackpool Kendall Rae-Knight is well-known for having a stunning physique.

And she talked to Eve – during a training session at Reform Health Club, on Milbourne Street, Blackpool – about how she stays in shape.

The 21-year-old beauty queen, from Newton, was crowned Miss Blackpool in August, having already won The Gazette’s The Face competition, in 2012. She tries to exercise three times a week.

She said: “I like the buzz and the feeling I get from exercising. My favourite machines in the gym are the bike and the cross-trainer, but I try to use different equipment for variety.

“I use the resistance machines and free weights too and I love to go for a swim. I feel it’s important to keep up my fitness and to stay in shape.”

And Maria Gregoriou-Pouncy, owner of Reform gym, said exercise was key to help people stay in shape, like Kendall, but can also have a whole host of other benefits.

She said: “There are two key things really for anyone wanting a figure like Kendall’s – healthy eating and regular exercise. It’s really a case of burning more energy than you’re consuming.

“With the nutrition side, it’s about eating a balanced diet, a variety of foods, less processed food, portion size control, no fad diets and not starving yourself either. And exercise can be for everyone.”

Maria, who has always been interested in fitness herself as she played badminton for the county as a youngster, said: “The best type of training I believe is interval training, high intensity training, shorts bursts followed by active recovery. This is great for people who are pushed for time too as half an hour is all you need.

“It will help to boost your metabolism and burn calories.

“And mix that up with some classes and some resistance, or weight, training too.

“If people have ailments or medical issues and can’t do high intensity, there are options and adaptations to exercises. There’s something for everyone and it’s never too late to start.

“We have gym members who have recently joined and are in their 70s.

“The key is to do something you enjoy, because then you’re more likely to stick to it and stay motivated. It’s about changing your lifestyle really, seeing as it as long-term and habits, rather than a short-term fix.”