Led down the garden path...

Larry Clarke at the footpath.
Larry Clarke at the footpath.
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WELCOME to the public footpath the public cannot use.

The path, off Chapel Road, Marton, has become increasingly dishevelled in the last couple of years and is now so bad it’s inaccessible to anyone who wants to walk along it.

And Larry Clarke, from nearby Carsluith Avenue, is at the end of his tether with it.

Mr Clarke, 70, said: “I haven’t made one complaint to the council in my entire life but this is beyond a joke.

“It is a lovely little path, we used it to pick blackberries.

“But in the last three years the state of it has got worse and worse to the point where you can’t even get down it.

“The irony is that there’s a big sign saying ‘public footpath’ but it’s anything but.

“It is an absolute disgrace and I just cannot understand why it’s not been sorted out.

“If it was a public footpath in the middle of countryside you could understand it.

“But this is in the middle of Blackpool. There can’t be many public footpaths around so why the council haven’t done something is beyond me. It’s an eyesore.”

Mr Clarke says the footpath has been used by fly-tippers to dump rubbish. Add to that overgrown bushes and nettles and Mr Clarke claims it is more like the middle of the jungle than a residential area.

Blackpool Council has admitted there is a problem.

Coun Fred Jackson, portfolio holder for Streets and Transport, said: “During the summer months birds can nest in some of the hedgerows on footpaths around Blackpool, and when this happens it is illegal to make any trimming to that particular hedge.

“This is the case on Chapel Road, which is why the hedges are overgrown in places. We expect the birds to leave this month, and when that happens we will be able to make the necessary trimmings. We will be visiting the site today to inspect and resolve any other issues, such as fly tipping.”

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