‘Lazy’ bag dumpers rapped as streets filled with trash

Rubbish in South Shore,Blackpool
Rubbish in South Shore,Blackpool
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Rubbish is being strewn across the streets because people are dumping their bin bags in back alleys.

Stray animals and seagulls are clawing their way into the plastic bags to scavenge for scraps of food, leaving a trail of garbage in their wake.

Now fresh calls have been made for residents to only put their rubbish out on collection day in a bid to minimise the risk of bags being torn open.

Council chiefs have also said they will look into the possibility of issuing stronger hessian bags to people in the area where wheelie bins are not suitable for many properties because there is nowhere to store them.

Streets in Waterloo ward, including Osborne Road and Dean Street, are among those worst affected.

Coun Derek Robertson, who represents the ward, said; “South of Lytham Road bridge the properties don’t have wheelie bins.

“The problem is some people put their rubbish out too far ahead of collection day and the bags get ripped open by stray cats and birds and the rubbish is strewn everywhere.

“But some people are just too lazy and are dumping their bags.

“I have even seen needles from drug users, and one lady complained about dirty nappies strewn across the road.

“I get calls from people complaining about this every day.

“This is a tourist area, and visitors don’t want to see this - nor do the residents who are responsible about disposing of their rubbish.”

Barry Vernon, of the Lynwood Hotel on Osborne Road, said: “There are some of us who do use the proper channels to get rid of unwanted items.

“But it is frustrating when others don’t.”

Anthony Jones, of Osborne Road, said; “Some people are putting their rubbish out sometimes a couple of days before collection day, and it is frustrating for the rest of us.”

Coun Robertson wants the council to put pressure on landlords to ensure their tenants dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

Coun Gillian Campbell, deputy leader of Blackpool Council, said: “I can completely understand the frustrations around bin bags being torn open by animals and scattered across the alleys.

“An officer has been out to speak to the locals specifically about their concerns but all residents need to play their part in keeping our streets and alleyways clean.

“The best way to reduce this problem is for residents to only put their bin bags out on the morning of their collection and for landlords to have the provision to store bags somewhere secure until the day that they are taken away.

“Providing suitable provision for storage is part of the selective licensing scheme in that area, so all landlords need to be providing this or they are in breach of the licence conditions and could be prosecuted.

“We will look at whether the stronger, hessian sacks are needed in that area but households need to do their bit too.”