Layton Cemetery fly-tipping

Keith Turner with some of the rubbish dumped in Layton Cemetery, Blackpool.
Keith Turner with some of the rubbish dumped in Layton Cemetery, Blackpool.
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A CEMETERY group has spoken of its disgust after bag loads of rubble were dumped in a Blackpool graveyard.

Fly-tippers left broken tiles, garden rubble and empty take-away packages near the graves in the Annesley Road end of Layton cemetery.

The debris has been reported to police and is expected to be cleared away in the next few days.

Keith Turner, chairman of the Friends of Layton Cemetery, said fly-tipping of any kind was indefensible.

He said: “It just shouldn’t happen, we are trying our best to preserve the cemetery and you get people doing this.

“Fly-tipping anywhere is inexcusable but in a cemetery – that is just really taking the biscuit.

“I’m not sure entirely when the rubbish was dumped, it may have been over Easter but it was reported as soon as it was spotted.”

Friends of Layton Cemetery was set up four years ago to protect the cemetery buildings and grounds.

Mr Turner added: “We try to make the place nice for relatives visiting loved ones but obviously we cannot prevent fly-tippers ruining the effect.”

John Simpson, 72, visits his great aunt who is buried at the cemetery with his daughter and grand-daughter.

He said: “It is an absolute disgrace, this has gone a step further than the usual messing about you get in the cemetery.

“I was very upset when I saw the rubbish, it is very disrespectful to ruin a place where people’s loved ones rest.”

John Blackledge, assistant director for leisure and commercial services said: “Fly tipping is a nuisance at the best of times but it is very sad that someone has decided to dump waste on land that is so significant to so many people.

“We will as always clean up this mess as soon as possible and will attempt to identify the culprit and prosecute if we can.

“There is no need to fly tip, our teams will clear away waste either through the NEAT team or through our Bulky Matters Service which is able to take all kinds of larger household items which go to good homes and charities.”