Last resting place for angler's ashes

An angler will forever be remembered at ponds where he fished thanks to glass-blower John Ditchfield.

Monday, 27th March 2017, 10:44 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:14 pm
Angler Bill Redman

Not only are Bill Redman’s ashes being scattered at the ponds on John’s land at Singleton, but John has created a delicate glass fishing reel which will also house some of the ashes.

Bill’s brother John said: “Bill was a really keen angler and the ponds on John Ditchfield’s land were his favourite place to fish.

“We used to go there regularly together to fish, and when Bill died I asked John if we could scatter his ashes there.

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The glass fishing reel which will house his ashes

“All the family were so pleased when John said yes. to our request.

“Bill had seen the glass fishing reels which John makes and thought they were a good idea, so it is very poignant that we are going to put some of his ashes into one.

“But it will be a way for his widow Val and their two sons to feel close to him.”

Bill’s son Steve added: “It has meant a lot to us as a family that John Ditchfield has been so nice, not just in making the reel but letting us scatter the ashes at his ponds.

The glass fishing reel which will house his ashes

“It is appropriate because this is an environment that he loved and spend a lot of time at during his life.

“So it has meant a lot to us and is a comfort to us all as a family.”

Bill died in September last year after suffering from cancer.

The former oil rig worker and Merchant Navy seaman, who lived in Anchorsholme, left his widow Val, two sons and four grandchildren.

Glassblower creates poignant memorials for loved ones ashes

The ponds are on the land off Fleetwood Road where John Ditchfield’s company Glasform is based.

The glassblower makes a number of glass products which relatives can store ashes in.

Only a small amount of ashes, around half a teaspoon, are needed.

John mixes the ashes with clear glass taken from his furnace, before re-heating the glass to create the item.

He said: “A lot of people don’t know what to do with ashes, but this is a nice way of keeping them.”