Labour to launch new community activism programme in Blackpool

Chris Webb
Chris Webb
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The Labour Party will launch a new community activism programme in Blackpool on Saturday.

Members of the community and local activists will take part in the resort’s first ‘People Powered Mass Meeting’ in order to change their communities

Labour says its new community organising unit has been working in the Blackpool North and Cleveleys constituency with key community activists, organisations and stakeholders to take on the issues ‘caused by Tory austerity’.

Labour’s candidate for Blackpool North & Cleveleys, Chris Webb said: “Youth services have been destroyed, mental health services reduced to crisis point, recorded crime at record highs and over 5,400 children living in poverty right now.

“This Saturday, we are gathering power in the people and using it to change communities across the constituency.”

Labour's leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said: "We will empower people to campaign and win in their communities and workplaces on issues that matter to them. By organising more effectively with communities across the country, not only can we build support to help Labour win elections we can make real, practical differences to people's lives, even while in opposition."

The meeting will include contributions from Mr Webb and members of the community, followed by Ian Lavery MP, Chair of the Labour Party. People will be encouraged to talk about what they are currently doing in the community and what they want to change with ideas on how to make that happen.