Knife attack teen jailed

Katie Guest, 18, formerly of Imperial Street, Blackpool
Katie Guest, 18, formerly of Imperial Street, Blackpool
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A TEENAGER stabbed her ex-boyfriend with a knife as she chillingly told him “I’ve been waiting for this moment, I’m going to kill you”.

Katie Guest, 18, has been jailed indefinitely following the shocking revenge attack on her ex-partner who had begun a new relationship.

The teen, formerly of Imperial Street, Blackpool, had been invited round to his flat on the Promenade but she swung for him with a knife and pair of tweezers after being asked to leave.

Preston Crown Court heard Guest took a knife from her bag, saying “I’ve been waiting for this moment”, before attacking him with the weapon, injuring his shoulder.

The defendant had denied offences of wounding with intent, threats to kill and having an offensive weapon, but a jury had earlier convicted her following trial.

Judge Norman Wright handed her an indeterminate sentence and told her she would serve a minimum of two years and 198 days before she can be considered for possible parole.

He said: “It was a cowardly attack. He was unaware it was going to happen. It was a sustained attack.

“In my judgment, you intended to cause more harm than was actually caused. You must appreciate that arming yourself with a knife gravely increases culpability.

“You are someone who clearly has been damaged by earlier events in your life. You are someone capable of acting in a blind rage, without any restraint, as you did on this occasion.”

The court heard Guest’s relationship with her 21-year-old ex had been up and down and he was starting to form a new relationship.

Nick Kennedy, prosecuting, said Guest had gone to the flat with two other people in November last year. While the other two visitors left, Guest was keen to stay on at the flat.

She was told to leave and while making her way out, took a knife from her bag and said “I’ve been waiting for this moment”, swinging at him with the knife.

Her victim felt something hit his left shoulder and he noticed a cut in his T-shirt and a large patch of blood.

Guest went on to say “I’m going to kill you” and tried to stab him.

She then tried to use a pair of tweezers as a second weapon before walking out of the flat.

The victim was treated for two wounds to his left upper arm and left forearm.

The court heard Guest handed herself in to the police, making a prepared statement saying she had been defending herself from an attack by him.

But the prosecution said there had been more than an element a premeditation in what took place when Guest armed herself with a knife taken from a friend’s flat.

Mr Kennedy said: “No doubt it stemmed from the jealousy she felt about his newly formed relationship.”

Kay Driver, defending, told the court: “She stands by the account given at trial, that she was defending herself at the time.

“She has a personality that has been damaged by her earlier life.

“Her previous convictions for violence are all for common assault, nothing like this.

“She is very young, not only in age, but also in maturity.

“It is very sad to see an eighteen year old who is so resigned to her present fate.”