Kittens dumped on Prom

The kittens and mother and (below) Christine Ashton who slammed those who dumped the animals on the Prom.
The kittens and mother and (below) Christine Ashton who slammed those who dumped the animals on the Prom.
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A dog walker and her inquisitive dog rescued three new born kittens and their mother from freezing to death on the Promenade.

Janet Wilson and her partner Tony Edwards were out walking their labrador Ollie when he found an abandoned cardboard box on the steps leading to The Metropole Hotel close to Blackpool Promenade.

Christine Ashton

Christine Ashton

On further inspection they discovered the box contained three kittens and their “distressed” mother.

Janet said:“I can’t believe somebody could be so heartless as to dump this beautiful cat and her adorable kittens. 

“There are so many people who would have helped instead of leaving them out in this awful weather.

“It’s so lucky we found them.”

Cats abandoned on the Prom

Cats abandoned on the Prom

The couple took the cats to St Annes cat rescue centre in Heyhouses Lane but because of concerns over their health, they were forced to take them home for the night.

The next day they were taken to the vet who aged them at just a day old and treated them for diarrhoea.

Janet said; “If you can’t afford them then take them somewhere and leave them outside just before they open. It’s cruel to leave them somewhere you don’t know that they will be found.

“At just days old, the kittens were in a lot of danger because of how small they were.”

Without the couple’s help it is unlikely the small animals would have made it through the plummeting temperatures that night.

All four cats will now be looked after by Janet and Tony until the kittens are at least eight-weeks-old and new homes can be found for them.

Christine Ashton, from the St Annes cat rescue centre, said: “I am speechless. After all these years I still get shocked at how cruel people can be.

“Mum and kittens have been to the vet who had tears in her eyes when she was told what had nearly happened to them. The experience of being on a cold windy beach tied up in a box makes one shudder.

“Whoever did this should hang their heads in shame.”

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