Killer’s karaoke knife rage

Barry Phillips
Barry Phillips
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A BRUTAL killer flew into a rage and savagely stabbed a man – because he was singing karaoke with his girlfriend.

Barry Phillips woke to find Aaron Forbes “cheek-to-cheek” with his on-off girlfriend.

Phillips, 41, who killed a man in 1993 by kicking him and dropping a car battery on his head, got up and sank a knife into Mr Forbes’ back, puncturing a lung.

The victim collapsed at the flat on Churchill Court, Layton, and was only saved by the skill of a surgeon at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

He needed five and a half litres of blood to save his life.

Phillips, of Charles Court, Layton, had denied a charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, but had earlier been convicted by a jury.

Preston Crown Court was told how there had been a fight earlier in the evening between the two men.

Sentencing Phillips to five years, Judge Norman Wright said Mr Forbes had been dying, but survived thanks to the skill of a surgeon.

He concluded the defendant was a significant risk of causing serious harm in future.

The judge said: “Whether it came as a result of a jealous rage over what was happening or because of earlier physical punishment from the victim, the defendant had begun the assault and gone on to seize a knife and stab him.

“There is a significant risk of the defendant causing serious harm in the future.”

The incident happened in March last year.

The defendant had been drinking and taking drugs.

He fell asleep and woke to see Mr Forbes and his on-off girlfriend cheek-to-cheek.

They were singing karaoke style, one of them holding a hairbrush as a pretend microphone.

There was nothing untoward and people were having fun, the court was told. However, Phillips took a different view.

Both men went into the kitchen and Mr Forbes tried to placate him, that nothing had happened. But Phillips was having ‘none of it’, said the judge in his sentencing remarks.


Phillips began punching Mr Forbes, and went on to seize a knife. He then stabbed him in the back, the wound passing through his ribs and puncturing a lung.

After that, Mr Forbes grabbed a knife, but the two men were kept apart.

It was then the victim collapsed. The court heard the victim had refused to give evidence in the case.