KFC have made a gravy scented candle, and it's not even April

They say that you'll sell your house quicker if it smells of freshly cooked bread and newly roasted coffee.

Friday, 25th January 2019, 10:19 am
Updated Friday, 25th January 2019, 10:29 am
Behold: The Gravy Candle

So imagine the queue at your front door as wafts of sweet soulful KFC gravy aroma drift down your street from your brand new scented candle.

Chicken will cross the road for this, and even the Bisto kids might be tempted.

Behold: The Gravy Candle

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In one of the most bizarre PR gimmicks this year, The Colonel has taken his Finger Lickin' good-vibes a step further with the introduction of the Gravy Candle.

"It's fowl play" we hear you cry, but no, you can actually win one of these limited edition poultry-pongers by going to the KFC website here

Sunday may never smell the same again.

Finger Lickin' Good (PIC: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)