KFC blames anti-social behaviour for ban which left teen to eat in cold

Nico Cetrulo
Nico Cetrulo
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The mum of a model pupil is furious at a fast food chain who have imposed a blanket ban on unaccompanied teens.

KFC has banned all unaccompanied under-16s from eating inside its outlet in Victoria Road West, Cleveleys.

The firm says it is in response to anti-social behaviour.

But Nico Cetrulo and mum Dawn are furious all youngsters are being tarred with the same brush.

Nico, 15, is a prefect at Hodgson Academy in Poulton and captain of Pegasus house at the school.

And Dawn, 44, a former professional singer turned university student, can’t understand why her son has been barred because of the behaviour of others.

She said: “Twice Nico and three of his friends have been told after paying for their food that they can’t eat inside.

“He has been made to go outside in the cold and eat his food on the street.

“The first time this happened he went back in to complain because he saw two younger teens being allowed to sit and eat and didn’t understand why he couldn’t.

“His money is just as good as anyone else. On Sunday it happened again. I spoke to the team leader and she told me that because they have had trouble with some youths who have gone in, ordered chips and stayed inside all afternoon causing trouble that no under 16-year-old can stay inside without an adult.

“There is a sign on the door but there’s no age indicated and it clearly states the restaurant facilities are for paying customers only.

“Why, after paying, has my son been asked to leave?

“They cannot refuse young adults the right to sit inside a restaurant that they have paid for food .

“This is basically saying all young adults are the same and that isn’t fair.”

KFC apologised for the impact of the ban but insisted customer complaints had driven the policy.

The chain blamed a ‘small minority’ for causing trouble at the outlet.

A spokesman said: “We’ve had some incidences of anti-social behaviour recently,which has led to complaints from our customers.

“Unfortunately as a result, we’ve had to introduce this measure in our Cleveleys restaurant for the time being.

“It’s only a few people who have been behind this behaviour, but we’ve had to extend this to all under-16s to make this rule fair.

“We’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.”