‘Just sort out this eyesore!’

Peter Truby - House from Hell on Bond Street
Peter Truby - House from Hell on Bond Street
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A desperate neighbour of an eyesore home has slammed the landlord and council chiefs for failing to take action on a derelict property – 10 years after the trouble was first reported.

Peter Truby’s home, on Osbourne Road, South Shore, backs on to the property on Bond Street, which has a window missing, holes in the roof, and waste covering the ground.

House from Hell on Bond Street

House from Hell on Bond Street

Blackpool Council agreed to clean up the home in 2008 at a cost of £25,000, but the work was never carried out.

This has left Mr Truby reluctant to knock down an outhouse in his back garden because of the sight he will be met with over the wall.

He said: “It’s a complete eyesore.

“It’s a fire risk and I’ve had the firefighters round, and the council, but nothing is ever done.

“It was supposed to have been sorted out in 2008 when council contractors were due to come round.

“The owner came back and put some windows in, but they fell out.”

“Apart from that he’s never touched it.

The 74-year-old moved into his home in 2004 because it had an annex perfect for his sister-in-law who needed treatment for a kidney problem.

He researched the derelict property and was told it would be converted into flats a year later, but 12 months after moving in, the home was still run down.

He added: “Year after year goes by and nothing is done.

“The chimney blew down in December during the big storm, and that made it even worse.

“There’s been a lot of trouble here over the years and this doesn’t help.”

Coun Gillian Campbell, cabinet member for Housing, Public Safety and Enforcement said: “We have a real problem in Blackpool with absent landlords who don’t take responsibility for the upkeep or security of their property.

“In this particular case we have been in touch with the landlord as maintenance work has not been carried out to a satisfactory level.

“I fully sympathise with residents who live or trade near to vacant premises and therefore quotes are being obtained to do the works in default of the notice and put a charge against the property for our costs.

“We will continue to take action against landlords whose behaviour impact on those around them.”

The Gazette contacted the owner of the home, but he declined to comment.