Joy at joint venture plans

John Williams, development officer at Lytham Town showing plans for a new clubhouse
John Williams, development officer at Lytham Town showing plans for a new clubhouse
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Ambitious plans to build a £200,000 joint football and Scouts community centre in Fylde have finally been submitted.

More than a year on since it was first revealed that Lytham Town and Lytham Juniors Football Club, alongside Fylde Scouts, would lodge a bid for a purpose-built facility in Lytham, an application has been submitted to Fylde Council.

It is hoped the new centre, to be based on Ballam Road, will replace the 8th Lytham St Annes Scout hut site in Haven Road, Lytham.

Geoff Currie, a member of Fylde District Scouts, which is helping to manage the project, said: “We are talking about 100 children in the Scouts group and 300 members of the football club having a permanent base. It is a significant number of people.

“It can only be a good thing the Scouts are working with the football club to build something for the benefit of the community.

“It is a 50/50 project which, if passed, will be a step forward for us both.”

Plans were submitted to the council earlier this month, and will include a Scout hall and modern changing facilities for the football club.

The Gazette understands the project is being funded by the Scouts and football club, as well as other benefactors.

It is hoped if passed, building work could start in the new year.

John Williams, who works for both Lytham Town and Lytham Juniors as development officer, said the new facility would be a vast improvement on its current set-up.

He added: “It is an exciting time for us.

“The plans still need to be passed and we are a long way from that, but it will make an enormous difference.

“Our changing rooms are in a state of disrepair. I am having to mop the changing rooms up before games if it rains heavily. They are in a state of near collapse – it will be a boost if we can get the plans agreed to.”

The 8th Lytham St Annes group is one of 10 Scout groups in the Fylde District.

Its official headquarters was launched in 2012 in Heyhouses Lane, St Annes, after a fire destroyed it in July 2010.

The 8th group’s hut itself was badly damaged in an arson attack when youngsters set fire to the building several years ago.