Jenna’s time for a change

Blackpool actress Jenna Louise Coleman
Blackpool actress Jenna Louise Coleman
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Blackpool actress Jenna Coleman is back on screens tonight as Doctor Who’s assistant Clara Oswald.

And besides fighting Daleks and Cybermen, she’s also getting used to a new Doctor in the ‘unbalancing’ shape of actor Peter Capaldi.

From a ‘safe’ Doctor in Matt Smith, who left in the hit series’ Christmas episode, Capaldi’s version of the Doctor is ‘removed, he’s not as patient, and he’s much more alien and enigmatic’, according to the 28-year-old former Arnold School head girl.

“It’s really hard for her,” she said. “Her best friend is a changed person, and it is a very difficult for her to accept that and move forward.

“It’s a really changed dynamic. It’s very funny, there’s a lot of bickering. There’s no one that can wind her up as much as this Doctor can, because he’s just a loose cannon. He has this mad curiosity. It puts Clara out of her comfort zone and totally out of control, so we see the control freak in her really ramp up.

“What I think is really good about it is that it’s an unlikely friendship. Even if she wanted to leave she can’t, because she’s bonded to him. He absolutely infuriates her. He annoys her. No one else can wind her up quite like it – but she just loves him. The friendship is strange and charming.”

More is revealed about Clara’s home life, working as a teacher - and meeting a new ‘perfect boyfriend’, combined with the ‘mad, wonderful adventures’ she has with the Doctor.

“Clara lives a double life,” she said. “Actually, it is quite exhausting for her.

“She’s trying to keep a lid on it, and she arrives back at school soaking wet with seaweed on her shoulder for example, and she has to explain that.

“It’s a theme throughout the series, lying and why we lie, lying to protect someone you love. It’s this web of lies that she gets herself tangled in.”

Speaking earlier this week, Jenna said her hometown could make an ideal setting for en episode of Doctor Who.

“You can imagine all those lights and all the amusements turning against you somehow,” she said.

Rumours have circulated this week that Jenna is set to leave the Tardis for good at Christmas, although the BBC has declined to comment on the talk.