‘Jekyll and Hyde’ man barged into room

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A man described as a Jekyll and Hyde-type character after drinking barged his way into a bedroom at his girlfriend’s home after she barricaded the door with a bed.

Dale Mullineaux then hurled a television on to the floor and put his foot through it in front of two young boys who were upset and shouting for him to stop.

His partner says he is a Jekyll and Hyde character when he drinks and that he needs assistance

Mullineaux, 29, of Chesterfield Road, North Shore, pleaded guilty to causing £200 of damage.

He had six months added to his suspended prison sentence and was ordered to pay £200 compensation plus a £100 court charge by Blackpool magistrates.

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said the couple, who had a child together, argued at the girlfriend’s Blackpool home on April 25.

The girlfriend said Mullineaux then accused her of sleeping with her ex and claimed he had slept with some of her friends.

She went to a bedroom where her two boys were. She pushed a bed across the door and started watching TV.

Mullineaux then forced his way in and broke the set. At the time Mullineaux was on a suspended prison sentence for assaulting his girlfriend.

Brett Chappell, defending, said the night of the offence Mullineaux’s girlfriend had persuaded him to go out for some drinks.

Mullineaux had not been out drinking since being put on the suspended prison sentence last July.

Mullineaux said his partner had too much to drink. When they got home they argued. He got into the bedroom as he was concerned about the children because she was intoxicated.

She then told him she was going to live in Australia and he would not see the children again.

Mr Chappell added: “His partner says he is a Jekyll and Hyde character when he drinks and that he needs assistance.”