Jealous man jailed for frenzied attack

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An estranged wife was left with more than 20 stab wounds after her jealous husband launched an horrific knife attack at their Blackpool home.

Theresa Tuley had to undergo five hours of surgery after being left with life-threatening injuries when her former husband Andrew tried to kill her at the family home they used to share.

Now, Tuley faces 18 years behind bars – a jail term equivalent to the length of the couple’s marriage – as his wife attempts to come to terms with the physical and emotional scars she will bear for life.

Preston Crown Court heard Mr and Mrs Tuley had broken up after a troubled marriage and Mrs Tuley had started a relationship with another man.

However Tuley, 44, was unable to accept their new romance and, in the early hours of January 3, let himself into the family home, armed with a kitchen knife.

Hearing the door, Mrs Tuley went downstairs where she was confronted by her estranged husband.

Fearing for the safety of her children – aged 13, 11 and seven – she fled the house but was unable to escape Tuley as he tackled her to the ground and launched his frenzied attack on her in a neighbour’s garden.

The oldest two children woke to hear their mother’s terrified screams as Tuley stabbed her repeatedly to her face, neck and back, leaving her larynx severed and her right ear barely intact.

As Mrs Tuley waited for an ambulance to take her to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, her 13-year-old daughter tended to her wounds and cared for her mother, who was struggling to breathe.

Surgeons spent five hours operating on Mrs Tuley’s injuries and her condition was described by medics as “life-threatening.”

She has now made a full physical recovery and sat in the public gallery as her estranged husband was sentenced to 18 years prison after he pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

The Recorder of Preston Judge Anthony Russell, sentencing Tuley, said: “You are suffering from depression and for a large part of your life drink and drug abuse have played a significant part in your life, which has undoubtedly affected your behaviour over a number of years and may have had an effect on your conduct on this occasion.

“This is a thoroughly terrible crime which might well have ended in loss of life – which you intended, having pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

“The permanent scars will serve as a very visible reminder to your victim and her family of this ordeal.

“The oldest two children both saw you with the knife.

“They heard their mother screaming and the oldest had to help care for her mother while they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

“These children have lost you and have lost their innocence.

“They have to come to terms with the dreadful fact that their father tried to kill their mother.”

After the sentencing, Det Sgt Kathryn Riley, of Blackpool CID, who investigated the case, said: “Andrew Tuley subjected his victim to a vicious knife attack, leaving her with serious injuries to her head, face and neck which required extensive hospital treatment.

“The attack has had a long lasting effect on both the victim and her young family, and I hope that today’s sentence will go some way towards helping them come to terms with the attack.”