Jane’s legacy goes global

Penny and John Clough
Penny and John Clough
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THE parents of a murdered Blackpool nurse who led a successful law changing campaign in their daughter’s memory have given their support to a family on the other side of the world.

Penny and John Clough saw the UK’s bail laws changed after gathering nationwide support for their Justice for Jane campaign, and now they plan to help a grieving New Zealand family secure a similar law change.

Teenager Christie Marceau was stabbed repeatedly by Akshay Chand at her home in Auckland after he was released on bail despite facing a charge of kidnapping her.

The case has striking similarities to 26-year-old Jane’s murder at the hands of her former partner Jonathan Vass after he was bailed while facing nine charges of raping her and four charges of assault.

And Mrs Clough said: “When you read the details of Christie’s story the similarities (to Jane’s) make you cry because you know exactly what she has gone through and what the family are going through.

“They are doing the right thing now and they are fighting to make it different, which is fantastic.”

The change in UK law means the Crown Prosecution Service can challenge a judge’s decision to grant bail in domestic violence cases if they think the defendant will be at risk.

Christie’s mum, Tracey Marceau, now wants to see a similar change in the law in New Zealand.

Mrs Clough added: “We are fully behind the Marceaus and what they are trying to do as we know it will save lives.

“We really hope they are as successful for the people of New Zealand as we have been for victims in England.”

In an interview with The New Zealand Herald, Mrs Marceau - whose campaign is called Christie’s Law - said: “The Clough’s victory in Britain has reinvigorated our commitment to having changes made in New Zealand.”