Jail term for violent thugs

Nathan Tootill
Nathan Tootill
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THREE violent thugs who shot and stabbed a Fylde man in a robbery at his own home have been jailed for a total of 24 years.

Victim Paul Carney was hit over the head with a dog chain, stabbed and had an air pistol fired at a leg.

A relative who was also at Mr Carney’s home in Warton was so terrified during the incident, he leapt from a first floor window fracturing both his heels.


Nathan Tootill, 22, of Oxford Road, Atherton, Thomas Griffith, 22, of Trentham Road West Kirby and James Reynolds, 21, of Stonehey Road, Kirkby. admitted robbery.

Tootill and Griffith, who had previously lived in St Andrew’s Road and Walter Avenue in St Annes, stole £200 and two mobile telephones.

Reynolds pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

Each defendant was jailed for eight years.

Kirsten McAteer, prosecuting, told Preston Crown Court the offences took place on January 19.

Mr Carney had borrowed £100 from Tootill and on the day of the offence, arrangements had been made to repay the money.

Mr Carney’s uncle Thomas Carney and his partner were also at the flat.

Miss McAteer said within seconds things changed at the flat.

Mr Carney felt blows to his head and Tootill had a metal dog chain wrapped around his hand and Mr Carney dropped his wallet.

Reynolds produced the air pistol and pointed it six inches away from Mr Carneys head. “He heard the air pistol pop three times,” said Miss McAteer.

Tootill told Mr Carney: “Where’s the money, I want everything.”

Demands were made for money. Griffith produced a small knife and stabbed Mr Carney in both legs.

The victim described how he thought he was going to die. Griffith continued to prod with the knife.

Mr Carney sustained stab wounds to both legs. During the robbery Thomas Carney jumped from a first floor window. It was a 10ft drop.

“He landed on both heels and felt a sharp pain and he was unable to stand,” said Mrs McAteer.

After the robbery, the defendants were arrested at an address on St Andrews Road South, St Annes.

Sarah Booth, defending Reynolds, said he regretted his part in the incident.

Janet Ironfield, defending Griffith said he had not gone to the address armed with the knife. The offence was out of character.

Rosalind Emsley-Smith, defending Tootill said he appreciated the gravity and seriousness of the offence.

Judge Graham Knowles told the trial: “Drink and drugs played a part.

“Quite clearly this was a planned expedition to rob this man in his home.”

He said Mr Thomas Carney had described the consequences of what had happened to him had been hell and it would be January next year before he would be able to walk unaided.

Judge Knowles said a probation officer had described the offences as “tantamount to torture.” and that was a description he agreed with.