It’s Miaow-y Christmas!

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Last year The Gazette took on a challenge to rehome one needy dog every day in the run-up to Christmas.

The Dog of the Day campaign saw no less than nine abandoned dogs from Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary in St Annes curled up by the fire in their new homes on Christmas Day.



Now we have teamed up with Blackpool Nine Lives cat rescue to rehome as many furry felines as possible in our new Cat of the Day campaign.

Kicking off the campaign is 18-month old Lettie, who has been a resident at the Lytham Road charity for nearly a year after being brought in by her previous owners.

Cath Middleton, of Blackpool Nine Lives, said: “Lettie has been with us for about a year after being brought in by her previous owners. She’s a quiet little girl who doesn’t mind being around other cats, but she will keep herself at a distance.

“She loves to play with her dangly toys and chasing her laser pen.”



She added that Lettie would be comfortable with a single owner or a family with older or more mature children.

For families with younger children, strong-willed tortoiseshell Milly could be the cat for you,

Milly, four, was brought into Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue in February after her previous owners moved away.

She is house-trained and is happy to be fussed by both adults and children – but will keep her distance from other cats.



Cath said: “Milly is OK with other cats but she will keep her distance and go off on her own.

“She is currently being fostered by a family with young children and she seems to be fine with them.

“She’ll open up to you in her own time and will rub against you when she wants a fuss.”

Meanwhile, Milly’s daughter Mandy is looking for a laid-back, loving owner to call her own.

This three-year-old tortoiseshell has spent nearly a year of her life waiting for the right person to come along after she was taken in by Blackpool Nine Lives.

She is house-trained and neutered, and is used to spending time with people and other cats.

Cath said: “Mandy is a good girl who is very laid-back and likes to play. She’ll get on with other cats as long as they’re laid-back too.

“She is used to younger children, but she’s one of those cats who knows when she’s had enough, and will go off and hide under a chair and go to sleep.”

Finally, there’s 12-year-old Tabs, who arrived at the charity this year with a broken heart after the death of his previous owner. There’s life in this old boy yet – though as a result of his age he prefers the quiet life.

Cath said: “When Tabs came into our rescue he was such a shy little boy who would go and hide under his bedding.

“Giving Tabs time and loving he has transformed into a beautiful boy who will now be happy to greet you.”

People who are interested in adopting can call the charity on (01253) 283349