Is this a solution to families from hell?

Anti-social neighbours
Anti-social neighbours
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YOBS terrorising their communities have become the target of a new Government scheme.

Troubled families, whose members are unemployed, on benefits and an anti social behaviour nightmare will be steered on to the straight and narrow with a new welfare-to-work plans.

But opponents have hit out at the scheme, saying it is going soft on crime.

The news comes as the police were forced to remove tenants from their homes and issue final warnings after a spate of loutish incidents in Blackpool Council’s Claremont and Tyldesley ward in the town centre.

PCSO Sarah Simpson, from Claremont Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Residents have highlighted a number of addresses which are problematic and we are now working to initially improve the behaviour of these tenants and if this is not possible, to seek their removal from the local area.

“It is quite clear the community does not welcome those who act in an anti-social manner and this behaviour is having a negative impact on people’s lives.

“Those people who are inconsiderate and disrespectful towards their neighbours face being evicted from their homes.”

The plans come at a time when 120,000 identified families across the country are alone costing the NHS and criminal justice system billions of pounds.

But more than 500 families will get help to put their lives back on track with a portion of the £450m which has been made available by the Government.

However, John Raine, the chairman of Mereside Residents Association, says there are no jobs for those who need them most.

He told The Gazette: “What the Government needs to do is put money into targeting the reasons into the causes of anti social behaviour and create jobs for people out of work.

“If they are anti social they should be punished.

“I’ve had periods out of work and I know how depressing it can be.

“You go to the job centre but there is nothing there except jobs for people with skills and qualifications, which people don’t have.”