Is anyone missing a furry friend?

Bob Wood and the giant teddy bear left outside his house
Bob Wood and the giant teddy bear left outside his house
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IN days gone by you would normally have had to go down to the woods today to come in for a big surprise.

But for Bob Wood he did not need to go any further than his doorstep before he was left with a right cuddly conundrum.

After opening his door – and before he could say ‘who’s been eating my porridge’ – the Knott End pensioner was staring at a four-foot tall teddy bear.

And while he may not have a blue coat and a name tag around his neck, this Paddington wannabe is now in need of a new home.

Bob, 79, of Lancaster Road, hopes it will not come to that and he can return the bear to its rightful owner.

He said: “I’m completely baffled if I’m honest.

“One minute I was reading the paper in the lounge when the doorbell rang and the next minute there was a huge bear on the doorstep.

“I’m not as quick as I used to be so by the time I had answered the door whoever left it had already gone and there was no note so I have no answers.

“I still can’t get over the size of it, it has got the biggest head I have ever seen, if someone is missing it, they will really be missing it.”

Bob, who is quite taken with his new friend, hopes to find out how the bear came to be sitting on his door step.

He said: “I definitely did not order it, I would remember that and I haven’t won it.

“If it was an official delivery I would have had to sign for it or something.

“I certainly don’t have any admirers, it must be children having a joke, I just hope that there isn’t a child out there pining for their furry friend.

“He does make quite a nice addition to the house though, he has behaved himself, watching TV with me, but he does take up a lot of room.”