Inside Blackpool’s house from hell

Broadway house in Cleveleys
Broadway house in Cleveleys
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THIS is the horrific scene which greeted council staff called in to clean up a house from hell.

From the outside, the semi-detached home in Broadway, Cleveleys, looked normal.

But inside, every filthy room was filled with rubbish, infested with vermin and caked in pet waste,

Council workers found the spread of dog urine was so bad it had seeped into the bedroom of the adjoining house.

Owners of the problem home, Francis Roland Walsh and Catherine Pammenter, were hauled before the courts by Wyre Council after repeatedly refusing to clear up the mess.

The authority has now carried out an extensive clean-up operation – for the second time.

Broadway house in Cleveleys

Broadway house in Cleveleys

A Wyre Council spokesman said: “The property was in an appalling condition.

“The smell of faeces and urine upon entering was overwhelming and every room was several feet deep in rubbish, making it virtually impossible to move around the house.

“The majority of the rubbish was heavily soiled.

“There was an extensive mouse infestation due to the amount of rotting food waste which had been left on the kitchen surfaces.

“It took four days to remove the rubbish from the property and cleanse soiled areas.”

Walsh and Pammenter pleaded guilty under the Public Health Act 1936 and the Local Government Act 1976.

They were each ordered to pay fines of £135, court costs of £550 and victim surcharges of £15.

Fleetwood Magistrates Court heard the council was first told about the house in May 2007 following complaints from neighbours about foul smells.

An inspection team found terrible conditions and, after the owners refused to tidy up, the council went in to clean and disinfect to protect public health.

Inspections recently found the property returning to the same state as before.

Neighbour Barbara Higgins, whose house is separated from the problem home by a driveway, said: “I haven’t had a lot of problems but I know it’s been very bad for the people in the attaching house.

“But the rubbish they have piled up in the back garden is cracking my fence.

“My main worry was for the animals. I think there were three dogs and they had some cats but I think they have gone now.”

Coun Roger Berry, Wyre Council cabinet member with responsibility for environmental health, said: “Environmental health cases as severe as this one are not common. It is very rare for a case to reoccur as has happened here.

“Normally after we’ve gone in and cleaned the house, people generally improve their living conditions.

“However in this case, there has been a lack of co-operation by the homeowners over a period of years, to the extent when the ground floor had been cleaned and workers returned the following day to clean the first floor, the clean area was already covered in dog faeces again.

“The council has offered support to the homeowners and will continue to do so.

“However, their apparent unwillingness to change is impacting on their neighbours and we will continue to take action against them if need be.”

Despite repeated attempts by The Gazette to contact the householders they were unavailable for comment.