Injured swan evades aid attempts

A swan that has a fishing hook stuck in it's neck at Stanley Park lake.
A swan that has a fishing hook stuck in it's neck at Stanley Park lake.
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A SWAN injured by a fishing hook through its neck was the centre of attention as firefighters worked for hours trying to rescue it.

As reported yesterday, SWAN FOUND WITH A HOOK IN ITS NECK, the cygnet was spotted in its injured state by Joanna Nickson last Tuesday. She kept watch on the poorly swan, which she has named Lillibeth, and tried in vain to have it rescued.

The RSPCA visited the park on Friday, but were unable to get to the cygnet without a boat.

Miss Nickson took advice from the York-based Yorkshire Swan Rescue yesterday, and within hours firefighters from Fleetwood and Blackpool Fire Stations were drafted in to help the bird.

They launched a boat on the lake yesterday afternoon, where they spent around three hours trying to grab hold of the swan from the lake’s central island.

But the swan jumped into the water and evaded capture.

The RSPCA is due back at the park tomorrow for another rescue attempt.

Miss Nickson, 44, said she was pleased to hear something was being done to help the cygnet.

“It looked as though the fire service was about to get her, but they had to stop,” she said.

“They were working all afternoon trying to get her and I had a vet lined up to come and look at her.”

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