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Home sweet home
Home sweet home
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WHAT makes a perfect home for you? According to new research it involves living close to the sea, easy access to a supermarket and being within walking distance of a good pub.

So here on the Fylde coast there’s a fair chance your house will meet all three criteria.

And homeowners here admit they Are fortunate to have properties which live up to the ‘perfect’ tag.

Jenny Whittaker, 52, of Gretdale Avenue, St Annes, said: “I moved over from Yorkshire to live by the sea so it’s true for me, St Annes is gorgeous.”

Mother and daughter Jean Turner and Ann Winperis agreed with the criteria.

Jean, 69, of St Annes Road, said: “It sounds about right but I’m not bothered about being within walking distance of a pub because I don’t go in there.”

Ann, 50, of Sackville Street, South Shore, said: “It sounds like we’ve got it absolutely perfect.

“Although I think living near a nice park should be added into the criteria, but only because we’ve got dogs.”

With miles of golden sand stretching from Lytham to Fleetwood, lush green fields to walk across Over Wyre and a great selection of pubs such as The Taps in Lytham, it seems the Fylde coast has the ingredients for a great location to live.

Kathyrn Bunting, of Westgate Road, South Shore, said: “It’s probably the criteria most people want and it’s exactly like that for me.

“For me, it’s brilliant.”

According to the study by building company Banner Homes, having good neighbours on both sides, close proximity to open countryside and a newsagent also met most people’s expectations.

An open fire, comfortable sofa, at least two televisions and privacy were thought to be important aspects of a good home.

Some of the 2,000 homeowners surveyed said more community-based factors, such being on first name terms with their local pub landlord, helped them feel content where they lived.

Piers Banfield, spokesman for Banner Homes, said: “Community spirit and a close bond between neighbours is arguably a little harder to come by these days, but the study proves it’s something we still view as integral to being happy with where we live.

“The research has also highlighted that even the small things like the local landlord knowing your name or having good neighbours close by who we can trust is a really important part of creating that community feel and being settled in an area.”

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